Initiative Cards

My recent forays into D&D 5th Edition have forced me to explore different methods of tracking initiative.  A lot of the searches that I’ve made have rendered methods for using cards that require them to be propped up on a DM screen or used as “tents” apparently.  This is a system that I am not familiar with, and something tells me it developed after I stopped playing D&D in 2005.

And that made me feel sorta old.

When I dove into my initial DMing back for Living Greyhawk and 3.5, I learned a system for keeping track of initiative using index cards from my friend Eric Brittain.  That was a system I was familiar with, but my searches for something similar to what I remembered were fruitless.  Sadly, even some of the old companies that generated index cards (Like Game Mechanics) I came to learn didn’t exist anymore.

Now I was really feeling old and out of touch.

So I decided to make my own.

I blatantly stole some of the imagery from Frank Foulis (Thanks, Frank!) to develop my own.  I don’t know where he got it, or if he invented it, but I just want to make a shout out that it wouldn’t be possible without his initial work.  I’ve never met the man (seems like a nice guy on Facebook on the Adventurer’s League page), but hey–thanks again, bud!

So here they are.  A 3″x5″ Form Fillable PDF that you can fill out for each monster, save as a distinct file, then arrange multiples on a piece of paper to print out.  For those of you who know how these work–go for it!  But for those of you who don’t: you have the players all fill out an index card with whatever information you want on it, then put them all in initiative order every time it’s determined for each encounter.  (I usually make the monsters all go on the same initiative number to save time.)  As they’re killed, you put them all in a stack, and at the end of the session you add up their XP.

Some boxes are slashed diagonally for the initial stat and the modifier below.  The line of boxes at the right are to keep track of descending hit points.

I hope they’re useful for someone.  InitiativeCardFF

A sample Kobold example.

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